HABOUR MASTERS LTD enjoys continued success in the oil and gas, maritime and construction industry. As one of the leading contractors in Nigeria providing Marine Logistics, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and maintenance, Construction, transportation and Offshore Support services, and aggressively develops quality, economical services and products to satisfy those needs. Our customer-driven approach to quality has proven successful, but more so, it is our ability to remain flexible in an ever-changing market that enables us to expand our customer base and cultivate long-lasting, mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Today, our reputation in the industry and our proven record of excellent growth management fuel our continued success and development in the market. At the forefront in the adoption of new technologies and contemporary management methods to improve efficiency and ensure even better quality, strengthening existing customer relationships, cultivating new ones, and targeting a broader international market. Placing a strong emphasis on experience, expertise, capability and quality, we deliver what the customer wants, when the customer wants it, how the customer wants it, every time. With continuing innovative marketing and excellent follow-through construction and remains poised for further growth in the future.

As a service company, we have served the public, construction, and oil and Gas companies in Nigeria since 2005, we promise to keep the tools of your plant running smoothly and efficiently! And, when they aren't we will be easily available for quick service and supply spare parts.